Last week, the postman arrived at my front door. He was an older man, obviously a veteran postie, and you could tell he’d delivered a lot of packages in his time. In his hand he had a package. Yes, it was addressed to me, from my amazing sister, but in a somewhat unique way. Check out the photo:

Megan Dredge - Your Words Create Your World

The postman looked me in the eye, with a big smile on his face, and he sincerely said, “This is the best thing I have seen in years. Doesn’t matter what’s inside, what’s on the front says it all!” He handed me the package and said, “You’ve made my day.”

I went inside and immediately found myself reflecting on the conversation that had just occurred. I had just been reminded of the power of words.

Your words create your world. Literally. And your words also create the worlds of others. My sister’s words were of course an encouragement to me, but her words powerfully impacted a person she’d never even met.

And yours can too.

Your words are powerful!

The words you speak to yourself, your self-talk, have a significant impact on you and how you approach each new teaching day. The words you speak to your students do affect them. We’ve all heard stories of people who can remember the words spoken over them by a teacher. And sadly, often these stories are not positive.

What kind of words are you speaking? How would your students reflect on the kinds of words you say? Are your words as a teacher creating positive and expansive worlds for your students?

This week’s assignment:

Do a word audit – be super aware of the words you’re speaking to your students and ensure they are positive and encouraging. My sister’s words on that package not only created hope and confidence in me (to whom they were directed), they also instilled hope and confidence in someone she’d never met.

And your words can too.

Your words are powerful, so use them wisely.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.