Megan Dredge - The Power of Gratitude

Today I was reflecting on an amazing lunch I had with Sharon Pearson, CEO of The Coaching Institute – the leading provider of coaching training in Australia. Sharon is an accomplished leader and business woman and her zest for life and her commitment to getting the most out of every day is absolutely inspiring. She speaks with conviction and authority and I always feel like my time with her has sharpened me and made me a better person.

At lunch, one of Sharon’s (many) words of wisdom impacted me. She was reflecting on the growth and overwhelming success of her business and she summarized it in this way. She said, “Gratitude and appreciation is at the heart of my success.”

Wow. I was so challenged. Of all the things she could have mentioned, it was gratitude and appreciation that she attributes to her success.

As a teacher, when was the last time you said thank you? When was the last time you showed appreciation to a student or fellow colleague? How recently have you thanked the office and administration staff for their contribution to the school?

This week’s assignment:

This week, starting today, I encourage you to show gratitude and appreciation to those around you. Appreciate and acknowledge your students’ efforts; say thank you to a colleague; be grateful for the opportunities you have in your school.

By following Sharon’s example and being intentionally grateful and appreciative, we too can experience a sense of accomplishment and achievement in our teaching.

This week, ensure that gratitude and appreciation are at the heart of your success.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.