6 Organisation Tips For The New School Year

The new school year is nearly here. Can you believe it?

This is the time of year where I always feel energized and motivated to get super organised.

I think about what I did last year and try and find ways of doing it all even better.

I want to get better organised and feel more ‘on-top’ of things.

Here’s 6 organisation tips for the new school year.

1. Organise yourself.

One of the most important things to get sorted at the beginning of the year is YOU. Get yourself organised. Tidy your drawers. Sort out those folders. Deal with those piles of papers. Throw out what needs to be thrown out. Organise yourself and get off to a great start this year.

2. Organise your classroom.

Whether you have one or multiple learning spaces, there are things you can do to help them be more organised and more conducive to student learning. It could be rearranging the furniture, tidying that space that you’ve been avoiding, or perhaps it’s changing things up and setting the space out in a new way. Whatever you decide, be responsible for the learning spaces in which you teach and organise them so that they really work for you.

3. Organise your food and nutrition.

We can very quickly leave this to the last minute. We don’t eat a proper breakfast, we chug down our morning coffee, we grab something unhealthy (and unsubstantial) for lunch, we don’t drink enough water, and then we wonder why we lack energy and enthusiasm throughout the school day. Your personal health and nutrition is your responsibility. This year, make a plan to be more organised in this area.

4. Organise your classroom management plan.

In all my years of teaching I have found that the way I manage my class continues to evolve as it continues to get better and better. Many times I have had to adjust and refine my classroom management strategies for a particular class or a particular context, and this always pays great dividends. Don’t get stuck in ‘the way you’ve always done it’. Let your management plan change and evolve.

[Tweet “Great teachers give themselves permission to try new classroom management strategies.”]

5. Organise your communication with parents.

At the beginning of the school year, think about the ways you will communicate with the parents of your students. How will they know what they need to know? How will you tell them? What worked last year? What do you need to do differently this year? Knowing how you will communicate with parents is an important part of starting the year well.

6. Organise your homework culture.

My definition of culture is “how we do things around here’. What will the ‘culture’ of homework be in your classroom. What do you expect of students? How often? How will you mark the homework? How will you communicate any concerns to parents? Organise your homework culture so that your students know ‘how we do homework around here.’

7. Organise your professional development.

Excellent teachers know the incredible importance of growing professionally every year. They understand that great teachers are committed to lifelong learning. In what areas do you need to grow this year? What do you want to learn about? Where do you feel you need to advance and improve? Plan your professional development and plan it well.

Enjoy an organised start to the new school year.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.