Megan Dredge - How Will You Be Remembered

Everyone wants to be remembered. No-one wants to be forgotten.

How will you be remembered as a teacher? 10, 15 or 20 years from now, when a student thinks of your name, what memory will spring to mind?

I can remember many teachers from school and I’m sure you can too. And not all of my memories are positive.

I remember Miss T who rocked back and forth on her high heeled shoes and we could never really focus on what she was saying.

I remember Mr I was always late to class and who’s only classroom management strategy was to send people out of the room and stand against the pole. (You could always tell where Mr I was teaching because there would be a string of students leaning against the poles outside the classroom!)

I remember Mrs H who humiliated her maths students when they answered a question incorrectly.

I remember Mrs O who boldly proclaimed her dislike for children and swore she would never have any of her own.

I remember Mr A who was passionate about his subject but simply couldn’t control his classes.

I remember Miss O who was fun, funky and friendly.

And most of all, I remember Mr H who genuinely believed in his students and saw their potential. He believed in me.

Here’s the thing: you will be remembered as a teacher. Whether you are a substitute/relief teacher, a brand new teacher or an experienced veteran teacher, you will be remembered. The questions is HOW? In WHAT WAY will you be remembered? How will students remember you? What kind of impact will you make in their life?

This week’s assignment:

This week, ask yourself this question when interacting with your students: How might this student remember me as a result of my interaction with them right now?

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.