How To Put The Spring Back In Your Step

Teaching can be a demanding and all consuming job. Often teachers can lack energy, motivation and focus. The ‘spring in our step’ sometimes slows to a walk, or even a long and hard ‘plod’. I have good news for you – there ARE ways to get that spring back into your step and boost your energy levels every single day.

Here’s 10 ‘right’ things you can do:

1. Think right.

Choose to think positive thoughts and keep a healthy mental attitude. Good motivation and energy starts with thinking right about the right things.

2. Focus right.

One of the quickest ways to deplete your energy is to focus on negative, unhelpful and discouraging things. Choose to give your attention to things that increase and multiply your energy.

3. Speak right.

The words you say have an incredible effect on what you think and what you do. Words are powerful. Words create your world. Only speak words that build your energy and avoid those that don’t.

4. Relate right.

It has been said that those closest to you determine your level of success. The people you choose to be in relationship with and spend your time with will influence your energy levels. Avoid relationships that deplete you and focus on building relationships that add value to you and inspire you to be the best you can be.

5. Drink right.

Most people drink too many soft drinks and caffeinated drinks and not enough water. Water replenishes your body, flushes out toxins and increases your energy levels. Replace one of your soft drinks or cups of tea/coffee with a large glass of water. Just watch how it changes the way you feel.

6. Eat right.

I often talk to teachers who skip breakfast and who don’t plan what they are going to have for lunch. The result is a teacher who eats whatever they can find ‘on the fun’ and this option is usually highly processed, high in fat, salt and sugar, and not very nutritious. Pay close attention to what goes in your mouth and for a sure energy boost, eat a well balanced breakfast and lunch.

7. Move right.

It may seem counter intuitive but movement and exercise creates energy and motivation. When you exert physical energy, your body responds with increased energy. Take a walk, lift some weights, go for a gentle run, do some stretches – do something to get your blood moving and your heart pumping.

8. Grow right.

Teachers who are growing and developing avoid stagnation and tiredness. Keep learning new things. Be curious. Ask questions. Learn from others. New ideas release new energy. Be a teacher who is committed to continually learning and growing.

9. Rest right.

Good quality rest is essential for maintaining energy levels. Take time and make time to get adequate rest. Put your feet up, lay in the sun, go to bed early – do something to ensure that your body and mind are rested.

This week’s assignment:

Which one of these 9 things do you need to embrace? Identify what you need to change and make that positive change in the next few days.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



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QUESTION: How do you boost your energy levels? Please share your thoughts here.