Excellent Teachers

Casual relief teachers are part of every school environment, and excellent casual teachers are hard to find. They are as rare as hen’s teeth… as the saying goes. Being a substitute or supply teacher is one of the most exciting journeys and can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are 6 of the most important qualities of Savvy Casual Teachers.

1. Excellent casual relief teachers know they’re important.

The key is to see yourself as a valuable part of every school that you work in – remember, you can make a positive impact in the life of a child and a school in just one day of casual teaching. All it takes is the right attitude, a willingness to learn, and an over-arching commitment to excellence.

2. Excellent casual relief teachers have a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is essential to being an excellent casual teacher. The way you think about yourself and the attitude you have toward your role and your students has a huge influence and your enthusiasm is contagious.

3. Excellent casual relief teachers are willing to teach any grade/subject.

A good casual teacher is willing to teach different ages and different subjects. A variety of experiences present opportunities for your skills to be honed and developed.

4. Excellent casual relief teachers are punctual.

Being on time for school and class is absolutely essential. People notice when you arrive and when you leave. Make a concerted effort to be a substitute teacher who is always punctual.

5. Excellent casual relief teachers show respect to others.

A good casual teacher does not talk negatively about other staff members or other schools. Ensure that you always speak with honour and respect.

6. Excellent casual relief teachers reflect daily and learn new things.

Excellent teachers are always learning and growing and developing. Professional development (whether structured or unstructured) characterizes excellent teaching. When was the last time you took a few minutes to reflect on your day and your experiences?

Excellent casual teachers are always booked solid and always get invited back. Be one of them. (I have written extensively about casual teaching. Download your free book and workbook samples from my Casual Teacher Starter Pack.)

This week’s assignment:

If you ARE a casual teacher:
Identify which one of these 6 things you need to focus on to be a fabulous substitute teacher.

If you are NOT a casual teacher:
Send this email on to someone you know who is a casual teacher and they can benefit from downloading some complimentary resources.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



QUESTION: Of the excellent casual relief teachers that you know, what qualities stand out to you? You can leave your comments here.