Megan Dredge - Enthusiasm Is Contagious

As the date of the School Musical looms closer, rehearsals are becoming longer and more frequent and the students’ enthusiasm is beginning to wane, as is that of the teachers! Today I was reminded of how myenthusiasm actually affects the enthusiasm of my students.

My students groaned when I mentioned that we had a rehearsal for the musical. Their faces showed their disappointment and lack of motivation for yet another rehearsal. I must admit, I felt the same way. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to another rehearsal.

But then I realised that I had a unique opportunity to shape the students’ expectations of the upcoming rehearsal. I made a decision to re-look at the goal – a fabulous school musical that will be enjoyed by parents and grandparents. I took this new attitude into the rehearsal with me, and enthusiastically encouraged the students. I definitely noticed a change. The students were more engaged and seemed to endure to the end of the rehearsal. My enthusiasm DID influence them.

This week’s assignment:

Remember that your enthusiasm is contagious, as is your lack of enthusiasm. Next time you feel your students aren’t motivated by something you’re trying to teach them, check your own motivations. Are you genuinely motivated by what you’re speaking about? If not, then re-capture your enthusiasm and let it impact your students in a positive way.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.