Reward Positive Behaviour

Teachers are always striving to become more effective classroom managers. We are constantly looking for ways to maximize student engagement by confidently managing our classes. Classroom management is something I am passionate about (here’s a handy index to my all my posts about classroom management) and one of the best things we can do is to reward positive behaviour.

We’ve all heard this phrase – ‘reward positive behaviour’ – but what does it really mean? How can we practically do this?

I looked up the meanings of these words ( and here is what I found:

Reward: the return for the performance of a behavior that is desired; a positive reinforcement.

Positive: emphasizing what is good; moving in a beneficial direction.

Behaviour: manner of behaving or conducting oneself.

Here’s my summary:
Give your attention to the things your students do that are good or moving in a good direction.

In every class, in every small group situation, on every playground duty – this is your goal: to give your attention to the positive behaviours of the students around you. Look for ways to encourage them and spur them on in what they’re doing.

I’ve put together a simple proforma you can use to give you some ideas of positive behaviours you can ‘look’ for. Download your copy here.

Positive Behaviour Proforma
Positive Behaviour Proforma
A printable proforma that you can use for classroom management and rewarding positive behaviour.

This week’s assignment:

Take your Positive Behaviour Proforma and use it in your class/es this week. You will notice how your attention will be given to the positive behaviours of your students.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



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QUESTION: What positive behaviours do you look for in your students? You can leave your comments here.