Megan Dredge - 4 Ways To Start The Year Strong

I love the energy we all seem have around the start of a new year. New Year’s Resolutions, goals, dreams, plans – it’s all focused on making it your best year ever. I like to be intentional about starting my year strong. Here’s 4 ways you can do that too.

1. Choose to Enjoy the Journey

The beginning of the school year can be incredibly hectic. We are trying to get our classes organised, our curriculum planned, our students settled… it’s busy. One of the first things we lose is our joy. This year, remember to enjoy the journey. Have fun and find something every day to smile about.

2. Think Happy Thoughts

Our personal happiness starts with our mind. What are you thinking about as you go into this new school year? What thoughts dominate your day? Choosing to think positively will serve you well. And your students will certainly notice it too. Focus on the good things and amplify them in your thinking. Think happy thoughts.

3. Say Good Things

The words we speak have a powerful effect on the kind of day we have. There’s nothing worse than getting to school and talking to a colleague who constantly pours out negative words. Don’t be one of those teachers who complains all the time. We all know someone like that! Choose to say good things and speak positively.

4. Build Relationships

Quality staff relationships really make the teaching journey even more enjoyable. Take responsibility in this area and work on building good relationships with your colleagues.

This week, you will notice by applying these 4 keys above, your year will start stronger and with more energy.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



Question: What works for you? How do you ensure you have a strong start to the year? Leave your comments here.