Megan Dredge-5 New Year Resolutions Every Teacher Should Keep

Every New Year we fill our journals and notebooks with new years resolutions. I find I always have a burst of energy starting the new year, and I’m motivated to really make it my best year ever.

When it comes to our classrooms and our students, here’s 5 New Year Resolutions every teacher should keep.

1. Remain Passionate

Passion is the fuel that keeps us going. Without passion, our teaching becomes dry and automated and lacks that zest and energy that is essential to effective learning. Students notice and respond to teachers who are passionate. Staff members like talking to teachers who genuinely believe in what they do. And passionate teachers enjoy life and the privilege of teaching. This year, remain passionate.

2. Choose Kindness

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity to show kindness. In our classes, towards our colleagues, in talking with parents – choose to show kindness and understanding. A kind teacher will be fondly remembered.

3. Speak Positively

Words are powerful. Positive words have a lasting impact. Positive words feel good to use and feel good to hear. The words we speak to our students contribute to the kind of impact we can have on them. You’ve heard me say it before, your words really do create your world.

4. Grow Professionally

It is essential to continue to learn and grow and get better at what you do. After all, we expect this of our students so how much more should we model this for them. Teachers who are stale and stuck are not enjoyable to be around, whereas a teacher who is green with growth and a willingness to learn is one whom we all want to learn from. This year, try something new, read something different, attend a course, listen to a podcast – do something to intentionally grow in your profession. (Click here to check out my simple, no-fuss professional development program).

5. Value Every Day

We so often underestimate the power of one day. How quickly each day can fly past us. Yet, there really is incredible power in one day. As a teacher, when we teach from this foundation, that each day REALLY does count, our teaching changes. We use words more carefully, we make remarks more thoughtfully, we consider our role more intentionally. This year, remind yourself to value each and every day.

This week’s assignment:

Right now, grab a post it note, and write one of these things on it. Stick it on your desk or on your computer as a continual reminder. This year, keep this resolution and notice how your teaching will be so much more fulfilling.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



Question: What is your New Year Resolution for your teaching this year? Leave your comments here.