Student motivation is crucial to student learning. Teachers have a significant role and responsibility in influencing the motivation levels of their students.

Unmotivated Students? 9 Questions Every Teacher Must Ask

Here’s 9 questions you can ask to identify what you need to do differently.

9 questions to ask:

  1. Am I genuinely enthusiastic about what I am teaching?
  2. Have I clearly communicated what I expect of students?
  3. Do I intentionally arouse curiosity in my students?
  4. Do I sometimes change the program, timetable or lesson location to re-engage students’ attention?
  5. Am I making the content relevant?
  6. Am I generous with encouragement?
  7. Do I give the students opportunities to be involved?
  8. Do I regularly use a variety of teaching strategies?
  9. Am I a good example of an engaged learner?

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