I regularly conduct three day courses at the University of NSW as part of their GERRIC program, specifically designed for gifted and talented students. As part of my preparation for these courses I did some further reading around giftedness in children. As an educator (and also as a parent of two young children), I found it fascinating to read about how to effectively nurture, lead and help develop skills and abilities in gifted children.

the gifted child

Here are 9 key principles I gleaned from my reading. These principles will help you as an educator and/or as a parent with your gifted child/student:

  1. Be intentionally observant
  2. Be incredibly curious
  3. Be an engaged co-learner
  4. Interact thoughtfully
  5. Provide rich and varied learning experiences
  6. Choose appropriate teaching strategies
  7. Build meaningful partnerships
  8. Keep detailed records
  9. Be generous with encouragement.
100 Ways To Praise A Child
100 Ways To Praise A Child
A great printable page – 100 Ways To Praise A Child. Print it out and put it somewhere prominent.

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