As a goal oriented, outcomes driven person, it’s sometimes hard for me to stop and rest. Yet this is exactly what we all need to do sometimes. You’ve probably heard it before, I know I have, but it is crucial to give your mind and body planned and regular rests. I know the importance of keeping the spring in your step, and taking a break is one way to do just that.

I’m not just talking about going away on holidays (although that’s super fun when it happens), I’m also talking about taking breaks during your busy day and scheduling time for yourself. Taking a break is about creating a ‘window’ in your day where you can stop, refuel, reflect and rejuvenate.

Why You Should Give Yourself A Break

Here’s 4 reasons you should take a break:

  1. To rest your body.
  2. To rest your mind.
  3. To create reflection time.
  4. To improve your practice.

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