Going to work can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps you have lost motivation? Perhaps your boss is challenging to work with. Have you just had to have a difficult conversation? Maybe you have difficult work colleagues. Or maybe you’ve lost your passion for teaching.

7 Beliefs To Rediscover Happiness At Work


Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, you’re not happy at work.


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Here’s 7 beliefs to help you rediscover your happiness.

  1. Belief #1: It’s more than a job.
  2. Belief #2: I’m privileged to influence others.
  3. Belief #3: Positive words benefit everyone.
  4. Belief #4: My happiness is my responsibility.
  5. Belief #5: Your behaviour is not my responsibility.
  6. Belief #6: Everyone is different.
  7. Belief #7: Every day really does count.


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