Reports, letters, memos, rolls, notes, permission forms, mail, brochures, lesson plans, exams, curriculum documents, announcements, to-do lists….. These are ‘all in a day’s work’ for a teacher.

Megan Dredge How To Tackle Teacher Paperwork

Our ever increasing mound of paperwork consumes not just our precious time, but our desk space also. So, how do we tackle this? What can we do to get our papers more organised?


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Here’s 6 steps for tackling your teacher paperwork.

  1. Plan to have a plan.
  2. Determine your ‘zones’.
  3. Commit to: ‘Touch It Once’.
  4. Utilize ‘Batching’.
  5. Use helpful stationery resources.
  6. Determine regular times for dealing with your zones.


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