Casual Teachers

Aaahhh the life of a casual teacher… early morning phonecalls… new schools and new classes… new faces and new environments… timetable interruptions… classroom management challenges…

All this and more in the every day world of a casual relief teacher…

And often, the casual relief teacher’s day is finished feeling tired, overwhelmed and perhaps lacking in passion.

So what is it that makes a casual relief teacher ‘successful’?

I think it comes down to three things:

  1. Believing you are valuable
  2. Learning how to get booked solid (write your resume and nail that job interview)
  3. Knowing how to have an effective day, every day

So let’s break these three down, just a bit.

1) Believing you are valuable

Casual teachers are incredibly important. In fact, they are an essential part of every school. And the part you play in the life of a child, even just one child, can literally be life changing for both you and them.

2) Learning how to get booked solid

When you structure your resume correctly and nail those job interviews (remember, these ‘job interviews’ can happen at the school gate or in the staff room) you can pick and choose the schools you want to work in.

3) Knowing how to have an effective day, every day.

Being effective as a casual teacher comes down to a bunch of little things that you do every day, consistently, over time. Writing a note, saying goodbye, leaving the room better than how you found it, getting from the day… little things that don’t take much time but leave you head and shoulders above all the other casual teachers (who don’t do these little things).

(These three things – believing you’re valuable, getting booked solid, and being effective every day – are the focus of tomorrow night’s webinar, ‘Success Secrets For Savvy Casual Teachers’. )

So this week, remember you are incredibly valuable and you can be effective every day.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



P.S. Want to be effective every day? Want to pick and choose the schools you work in? This webinar is for you.