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Sometimes I need a reminder to sit back, relax, and take a moment to laugh, to reminisce, to remind myself of the joys and the ’funnies’ of this incredible profession I am in.

As you begin this weekend, here are 20 teacher ‘problems’ that every teacher can relate to. Enjoy!

(You can also download a copy for yourself by clicking below.)

[funny] Problems That Every Teacher Can Relate To
[funny] Problems That Every Teacher Can Relate To
This is a humourous printable for you.

Teacher Problem #1
The feeling you have on the first Monday morning back after a holiday break.

Teacher Problem #2
Having cereal for dinner because it’s quicker and easier and you can get back to your schoolwork.

Teacher Problem #3
Waking up early in the morning, even when it’s the weekend or the holidays.

Teacher Problem #4
When a student stares in shocked disbelief when they see you somewhere that isn’t school.

Teacher Problem #5
Students who demand your attention before sufficient caffeine has been consumed.

Teacher Problem #6
Having four students in your class with the same first name.

Teacher Problem #7
Being able to eat your lunch and drink your coffee in two seconds flat, all whilst on your way to the photocopier, and planning your next lesson, and talking to a colleague…

Teacher Problem #8
Saying, when at school, “I’ll work on this at home”. And saying, when at home, “I’ll work on this at school.”

Teacher Problem #9
When someone suggests teaching is an “easy job”.

Teacher Problem #10
Having a ‘to-do list’ that looks more like an epic novel.

Teacher Problem #11
When a student finds you on Facebook or Instagram.

Teacher Problem #12
Pushing in all the chairs at all the tables when you go out for dinner.

Teacher Problem #13
Getting called “Mum” or “Dad” at work.

Teacher Problem #14
Parents who think their children can do no wrong.

Teacher Problem #15
Setting three different alarms to make sure you wake up on time.

Teacher Problem #16
Receiving a candy or chocolate from your student that has been held in their warm palm for the last 20 minutes. You lovingly smile and say to them, “I will save that for later.”

Teacher Problem #17
Using your “teacher voice” both inside and outside the classrooms. And on weekends.

Teacher Problem #18
When all of your students are giggling and you have no idea why.

Teacher Problem #19
Trying to use your car key to unlock your classroom door.

Teacher Problem #20
Bringing school work home. And taking it back, untouched, to school the next day.

Click below to download your own copy, print it out, and enjoy!

[funny] Problems That Every Teacher Can Relate To
[funny] Problems That Every Teacher Can Relate To
This is a humourous printable for you.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



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