7 Beliefs To Rediscover Happiness At Work

Sometimes it’s hard to find happiness at work. Maybe you’re tired and overwhelmed. Maybe your boss is hard to work with. Maybe it’s your work colleagues. Or maybe you’ve just lost your heart for teaching. Whatever it is, you really aren’t happy at work. Here’s 7 beliefs to help you rediscover your happiness.

Belief #1:
It’s more than a job

Reducing your work to ‘just’ a job is one of the quickest ways for you to become unhappy and dissatisfied. When it is ‘just’ a job, our teaching loses its purpose and becomes something we just have to do. Remind yourself that teaching really is a calling and only certain people can fulfill that ‘call’. And you are one of those people.

Belief #2
I’m privileged to influence others.

Every day we have countless opportunities to be a positive influence on the lives of the students we teach. We have this incredible privilege to play a part in shaping a young person’s life. This privilege is not afforded to everyone. When you walk into your next class, remind yourself – I have a unique opportunity today to influence these young people and impact their lives positively. When you think of this, your life will suddenly seem so much happier.

Belief #3
Positive words benefit everyone.

Your words create your world. And not only your world, but your words influence those around you. We can all think of that negative person who never has anything good to say. Don’t be that person. Your words are powerful. A happy person at work doesn’t gossip. A happy person is one who fully understands that what they say affects what they do. Your positive words benefit everyone.

Belief #4
My happiness is my responsibility.

Yes, you are responsible for your happiness. You get to choose your attitudes and your emotions and your responses. A happy person at work is a person who takes full personal responsibility for themselves and their actions. A happy person at work does not blame their school or their boss or their students – they own their stuff. How refreshing it is to meet a person like this! If you really want to rediscover happiness at work, let this belief characterize you: your happiness is your responsibility.

Belief #6
Everyone is different.

This really is true. Everyone is different. Each person you work with, each student you have the privilege of teaching, each parent you encounter – they are all different. They have their own unique life experiences and upbringings and attitudes. To rediscover your happiness, focus on the uniqueness you see in each person, not the differences you’re despising.

Belief #7
Every day really does count

Happy teachers live with this belief every single day. They understand that every day really does count. There is purpose and life and influence to be found in every day. Remind yourself of this in every class, in every conversation, in all your interactions. Every day really does count. Don’t waste a single one.

This week’s assignment:

Which belief do you struggle with the most? This week, focus on that each day. Put a reminder in your phone or put a sticky note on your computer – do something to remind you of that belief and how it will help you to rediscover your happiness at work.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



P.S. I have a few teaching quotes that always encourage me to stay happy and be happy. I decided to make them visual and printable – you can download your own copy by clicking the link below. Enjoy.

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