Megan Dredge-4 Ways To Have A Positive Impact On People

We all want to be remembered. We all want to have a positive impact and influence on the students we teach. We all want people to think of us as a teacher who was happy and encouraging. How will you be remembered?

I love Singapore. I have been there many times for both business and pleasure and on my most recent visit, I was positively impacted by one of the staff at the hotel I was staying at.

I was on my way through the bustling hotel lobby with my husband and daughter. I had just finished eating a banana and was holding the skin in my hands. We stopped at the Concierge desk to get some information. There were three staff at the desk and they immediately smiled and commented on how cute my daughter was (yes, proud Mum moment!). But it was what happened next that really caught my attention.

In the middle of an energized conversation about children and travel, one of the staff, a tall middle-aged man named Ibrahim, noticed the banana skin I was holding. He immediately offered to put it in the bin for me. But he didn’t stop there. He then went and got me a tissue so I could completely clean myself up. He then proceeded to ask me if there was anything else he could do to make our stay more enjoyable.

In that one-minute interaction, Ibrahim demonstrated 4 ways to make a positive impact on people. Here they are:

1. Be observant

Ibrahim noticed what was going on around him. In the midst of all the flurry of a busy hotel lobby and a busy concierge desk, he noticed.

2. Take action

It’s one thing to notice but it’s another thing to act. Ibrahim took action to solve the problem. He was confident and clear. His actions were helpful and appropriate. Taking action is a sure way to make a positive impact on people.

3. Do more than what’s required.

Rather than simply just doing the bare minimum (i.e. putting my banana skin in the bin for me) Ibrahim went the extra mile and completely solved the problem by finding a tissue for me. This was one of those ‘little big things’ that really made all the difference.

4. Overcome distractions

When interacting with people, whether it is our students or parents or colleagues, it is so easy to be distracted by everything else that is going on around us. Ibrahim’s focus on the specific people in front of him demonstrates his ability to block out all other distractions.

This week’s assignment:

Which one of these four principles will you focus on this week? Do you need to be more observant of the things going on around you? Do you need to step up and take action? What can you do to help you focus and block out distractions when you’re interacting with another person?

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



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