Megan Dredge - Looks DO Count

Looks DO count. First impressions ARE hard to change. It DOES matter what you wear and how you do your hair.

Sound shallow? Perhaps. Unless you understand how much your appearance, manner, stance and tone communicates your confidence (or lack of it) to others.

“Visible Confidence” is an essential component of excellent teaching. An amazing colleague of mine and leader in the educational field, Daryl Brooks, taught me the value of being visibly confident. It is not just about being organized and well prepared and having great classroom management skills (although these are crucial for effective teaching), it is about being ‘visibly confident’ and competent before you even open your mouth.

How would someone rate your level of visible confidence, just by watching you in your school, with your students or with other staff members?

Use these questions below to help you identify your confidence levels, just by someone watching what you do.

1. I am always well groomed and well presented.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

2. My walk and posture communicate to others that I am secure and well founded in my role as a teacher.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

3. I am consistently on time and well prepared for school classes, meetings and appointments.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

4. Even at the end of a teaching day, I am still well presented and well composed, in charge of my emotions and my language.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

5. I confidently make eye contact with students at the beginning of each teaching day/lesson.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

6.  My stance and posture whilst I teach communicates confidence and stability in my role.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

7. The way I walk and move around the school indicates my genuine confidence as a teacher.

a) Always  b) Sometimes  c) Rarely

This week’s assignment:

Using your responses to the above statements, choose one area to be intentional about building your visible confidence. Notice how it really does affect your own confidence levels and also those of staff and students. Being visibly confident benefits all.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.