Megan Dredge - Yep The Little Things Really Do Matter

Everyone loves getting something for free! This morning, as I handed over my ‘frequent sipper’ card at my local café, I was so excited that I had purchased enough soy chai lattes to get a free one! I said to the waitress, “It’s such a little thing but I am so pumped to get a free drink!” She aptly replied, “Often it is the little things in life that we get most excited about.”

How right she was.

As teachers, the little things in our classrooms, the little ‘wins’ with our students, the little ‘perks’ we get to enjoy – all these little things really do matter. And sometimes we need to be reminded to give ourselves permission to enjoy them!

This Week’s Assignment:

Think of one small thing that you are proud of/excited about and just give yourself permission to gloat in that! Praise yourself for handling a difficult situation; encourage yourself for the progress you’ve made in a particular area; feel confident in the way you have helped a specific student with their learning. Celebrating little achievements make room for greater ones along the way.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.