Writing Student Reports

Report writing seems to come around quickly, doesn’t it? It seems like we just finish one lot of reports and before we know it, it’s upon us again. Writing student reports can be a busy and challenging time for teachers and we are all awaiting that moment when we can say “I’ve finished my reports.”

So, this week, here’s 7 helpful tips to make your report writing more effective. Apply these tips and get ready for your next round of student reports.

1. Get in early

Don’t leave it to the last minute! Start right now. Take notes, observe your students, start thinking about your teaching. Even if it’s just mentally, get started on writing your reports.

2. Put it in your schedule.

Allocate time blocks in your calendar where you will focus specifically on writing your student reports, and break it down into manageable chunks using a weekly or monthly planner.

3. Keep it simple.

Don’t try and be too clever or ‘tricky; in writing your reports. Be clear and concise and use appropriate language to communicate with parents about their child’s progress.

4. Don’t run solo.

Don’t isolate yourself from other teachers when writing your reports. Talk to colleagues, read others’ comments, ask for help when you need it, and get a ‘feel’ for how others do it. This isn’t about comparison but rather about growth and learning from others.

5. Be true to you.

Don’t try and copy what other people do and don’t try and write your reports in the same way as someone else. Find your own voice and do it in your own way. Write your reports in a way that works for you. The best way forward is to be true to you.

6. Keep copies.

Each time you write reports, keep a copy and use these to help you for the next round of reports. Develop a list of comments that you can refer back to and change or modify to suit a particular student.

7. Remember that you do get better (and quicker).

Report writing is a skill that you WILL get better at over time. You will improve in your ability to write great reports and you will also get quicker at doing it.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



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