How to communicate confidently, conduct interviews effectively,
and get along with even the trickiest of parents.

This image is for illustration purposes only. This product is a digital download, not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content.

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Everything you need to know for working effectively with parents, building helpful relationships, and improving the communication between home and school.

When you purchase the Winning With Parents Super Pack, you’ll also get all these bonuses: a comprehensive workbook, a personalized progress plan, a certificate of purchase (for your Professional Development hours), and an interview proforma for parent teacher conferences.

If you want to get along with parents, feel confident in communicating with them and develop strategies for working with even the most difficult parents, then this resource is for you.The Winning With Parents Super Pack will show you how to use and apply practical principles for effective communication and will equip you to be authentic and confident when talking with parents.

This comprehensive resource will take you through a surefire plan to build your skills and confidence in communicating with parents. It lays out specific strategies for parent teacher interviews and conferences as well as how to discuss difficult issues with parents.

What’s included in this resource?

This resource includes 11 audio sessions and an accompanying 24 page workbook plus a parent-teacher interview proforma, and a personalized progress plan.

What do the sessions cover?

Each of the 11 sessions are incredibly practical and are designed to be implemented straight away. The sessions include practical strategies, helpful models for communication, and an extensive plan for conducting excellent parent-teacher interviews.

Here are the session titles:

1. How To Have A Positive Impact
The importance of starting right with parents

2. Stuck In The Parent Trap?
How to think right so everyone benefits

3. Essential Foundation #1: Information
The importance of knowing what to tell them

4. Essential Foundation #2: Communication
The importance of knowing how to tell them

5. Why Relationships Are Crucial
How to build appropriate and effective relationships

6. The Secret To Happy, Engaged and Motivated Parents
The one thing that changes everything

7. Parent Teacher Interviews: Before
Your interview starts before they arrive

8. Parent Teacher Interviews: During
Absolute must-do’s for winning interviews

9. Parent Teacher Interviews: After
It aint over til it’s well and truly over

10. How To Have A Difficult Conversation
Strategies for talking about those tricky issues

11. Be Committed To Life-long Learning
Winning with parents is a journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions I get asked most frequently about this resource.

Will I receive anything in the mail?
No. This product is 100% digital. The great thing about a digital product is that you don’t have to pay postage and you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. You will get INSTANT ACCESS. You can begin your Winning With Parents journey immediately.

What happens after I purchase the Winning With Parents Super Pack?
After you submit your order, you will be redirected to the Members Hub where you can download the workbook and accompanying documents, and access all of the audio content.

How long will I have access to this program?
Forever. You will be able to access this at all times. If you are really concerned, you can download everything – every audio session, the workbook and the bonuses – directly to your local computer.

Can I read a sample of the workbook and listen to a sample of the audio?
Yes you can.

Sample Wookbook

Winning With Parents Workbook

Here is a sample of the Winning With Parents Workbook, which will help you apply the strategies and ideas I provide in these lessons and turn them into tangible results.

Sample Audio

How long do the audio sessions go for?
Each audio session is approximately 15 minutes long.

Will I have access to everything straight away?
Yes. Shortly after submitting your order, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of how to access the full resource.

Can I download the audio sessions and import them into iTunes?
Yes, if you wish.

Can this contribute to my Professional Development Hours?
Most definitely. For Australian teachers, this audio course can directly contribute to your mandatory annual professional development hours. In fact, as part of the pack you receive a certificate of purchase stating the estimated number of hours of Professional Development.

Will you provide a formal certificate specifying the number of PD hours?
You will receive a certificate of purchase outlining the estimated Professional Development hours (if you complete all the components – listening to the audio sessions and completing the workbook questions). This is simply a guide and you get to specify the exact components that you complete in full.

Bonus #1

The Winning With Parents Workbook (a $39 value)
The workbook will help you apply the strategies and ideas I provide in these lessons and turn them into tangible results. These 24 pages of concentrated content will take you by the hand and help you to really win with parents.

Bonus #2

Personalised Progress Plan
This plan will help you to keep track of your learning as you progress through the audio course. It also forms a great foundation for you to keep a record of your Professional Development hours.

Bonus #3

Parent Teacher Interview Proforma
This proforma is designed for you to use with every parent teacher meeting, phonecall, conference or interview. It will help you to adequately prepare for your communications with parents so that you can be even more effective.

One more thing:

This entire program is online so you will have INSTANT ACCESS to start your Winning With Parents journey today. This is an all-digital product so you can access it RIGHT NOW. No shipping or postage fees. No waiting. It’s ready when you are. You can listen whenever you want and replay the sessions any time, day or night.

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This image is for illustration purposes only. This product is a digital download, not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content.

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