6 Deadly Classroom Management Mistakes – Part 2

Managing students’ behaviour can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Classroom management is something we all want to get better at.

And sometimes as teachers, we make the wrong call or read the classroom management situation incorrectly. These mistakes can actually make managing your classroom more challenging.

Earlier this week, I sat down in the chair in my office and recorded a couple of videos for you – 6 Deadly Classroom Management Mistakes.

(You can check out the first video here.)

Here’s the second video.


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One more thing: check out my upcoming Classroom Management Made Easy webinar. It will really help you to engage your students, manage your classroom, and remain calm and confident.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



P.S. Check out the upcoming Classroom Management Made Easy webinar. Bonuses when you register. It will be super helpful for engaging your students and managing your class.