Are you trying to get a teaching job?

Are you desperately trying to get your resume finished, or trying to figure what you should and shouldn’t include?

Do you feel like you don’t know how to fit everything into just a few pages?

Resume writing is an essential, but often challenging, part of getting that teaching job you want.

In this short video, I share 6 important Resume Don’ts – 6 things you should NOT do when it comes to writing your resume.

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Heeding this advice will help get your resume off to a good start.

(Need more help with formatting and language and style? Check out my upcoming Resume Writing Webinar).

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



P.S. Don’t know how to start or fix your resume? Check out this upcoming Resume Writing Webinar.

QUESTION: What do you find hard about writing and completing your resume? You can leave your comments here.