Hi amazing teacher!

Are you trying to get a job, get a new job, or get more casual teaching days?

Going for a job interview can be intimidating and overwhelming and we can feel like we don’t know what to do and don’t know how to prepare.

In this short video, I’ll show you 6 practical (and pretty simple) things you can do to ‘win’ your job interview.

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1. DO: get your timing right.
Allow enough travel time to arrive 15 minutes early.

2. DO: have a positive attitude.
Choose a positive attitude and choose to maintain it throughout the entire interview.

3. DO: bring a copy of your resume.
Have a printed out, paper copy of your resume with you. This is all about making it easier for the interviewer.

4. DO: read the body language of the interviewer.
Throughout the interview, be aware of the body language of the person interviewing you and use this awareness to help you.

5. DO: completely silence your phone (and anything else).
Ensure that everything that might buzz or ring is turned off and is out of sight.

6. DO: understand the next step.
Know how to bring closure to the interview and ask the right questions at the very end.

These 6 things will help you walk into your next job interview with confidence and practical strategies. Put in the extra effort now and enjoy the positive results.

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Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



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