Preparing your child to start school is an important role of every parent and caregiver. There are things that you can do to help your child have a fantastic start to big school and to begin the year with confidence and success.

I began writing this post and quickly realized that it would be even more helpful if I recorded a video.

So I did.

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In this video I share with you 5 Must Do’s to help your child succeed in starting school.

1. Be authentically positive.

2. Develop, practice and maintain routines.

3. Organise yourself.

4. Keep developing essential “starting school” skills.

5. Remember the importance of relationship.

And this video is just the tip of the iceberg – in the Starting School webinar series I explain a whole lot more:

  • what to do in the 6 weeks leading up to school
  • what questions to ask your child (and what not to)
  • how to make the first day, week, and month a huge success for both you and your child
  • how to have helpful conversations with your child
  • mistakes to avoid as a parent
  • strategies for skill building, organisation, developing routines, and social and academic growth.

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



P.S. Even if you miss the ‘live’ part of the webinars, you will get access to the recordings and slides (and all the cool bonuses) any time, any where.