Megan Dredge - There Is Gold Inside Every Teacher

I recently spoke at a seminar entitled “Your Publishing Success”. It was a full day seminar presented by teach and author, Sharon Witt. Sharon has been a high school teacher for over 15 years and has written and published six books. Her book series, “Teen Talk”, are in bookstores all around Australia and are designed to help teenagers make sense of their teenage world. The thing that inspired me about the day is that Sharon is till teaching full time, has 2 children of her own, but has made the time to ‘dig out’ the gold that is inside of her and make it available to people everywhere.

I really believe this to be true of every teacher. Inside every teacher is a treasury of knowledge, experience, wisdom and advice, that sadly too often is never shared with others. One of the best ways I have found to dig up the gold inside of me is to keep a teaching journal. On a regular basis I try to take 5 minutes and ask myself, “What did I learn today?” I reflect on my students and my lessons from that day and try unpack principles that I can then share with others.

This week’s assignment:

I encourage you – AMAZING TEACHER – to look inside and realise that regardless of how long you have been teaching, you have incredible wisdom, knowledge and advice to offer. Buy a journal and just try it! Take 5 minutes today! You will be amazed at how much treasure you have inside of you.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.