Megan Dredge - The New Kid On The Block

Do you remember what it was like to be a new staff member?

Do you remember your first day in a new school?

Feelings of insecurity, intimidation and nervousness?

At some point, we have all been “the new kid on the block”, the new teacher starting at a new school. It can be a pretty daunting experience!

I remember meeting with a new staff member who had just joined our school. When we first started chatting, I did not realize how much I could help him to settle into his new work environment. It was only through conversation that I realized how much I had to offer this new staff member. Having been part of the school for several years, I was able to coach him on the student and staff culture of the school, as well as answer several questions he had. By the end of our meeting, he seemed much more settled and genuinely thanked me for my ‘practical’ insights into ‘how the school works’.

This week’s assignment:

Think about the “new kids on the block” in your school. Remember what it was like when you were the new person. Try and be helpful to these staff members – it could be as simple as showing them where resources are kept, or how to use the photocopier, or simply having a chat to them in the staff room. You can really help them to settle into your school. Remember what it was like when you were the new kid on the block!

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.