On one of my breaks I had the opportunity to visit the Killing Fields and Toul Sleng Prison which gave me an incredible insight into Cambodia’s history.

The future of this nation is in the hands of the teachers, as they raise the next generation of Cambodia’s leaders. What an incredible privilege to be a Cambodian school teacher, and what a huge honour it was for me to teach these teachers.

These photos show some of Cambodia’s heart-breaking history.

Toul Sleng prison.
Toul Sleng prison. The prisoners were brought here first to be tortured and were then marched to the killing fields where ultimately there life would be ended at the hands of another.
17 storeys of skulls represent a small amount of the millions who will killed during the Pol Pot regime.
There are walls and walls of photos showing every life that was lost during the Pol Pot regime.
This is where the deceased where placed. Fields and fields of deceased children, parents and grandparents.
Clothes of the deceased are still visible today, buried under the sand.