Preparing Your Child To Start School

Must Know’s and Can-Do’s To Get Your Child Ready For School

– A 2-Part Webinar Series For Parents –

Starting school is a super exciting milestone for your child and family. And yes, it can sometimes be a time of challenge and stress.

(Can you believe your little one is starting school?? Where did the time go?!)

Parents have an important role in helping their child get ready for school.Children who have been adequately prepared for school typically settle in more quickly and enjoy the beginning of their school journey much more (and so do their parents).

This 2-part webinar series will give you practical advice, tried-and-true strategies, and easy-to-take steps to help you prepare your child to start school AND help them thrive in the first day, week, month and year.

(Not sure what a webinar is?? It’s just an online seminar. Watch it on your computer, iPad or smartphone. Re-watch it any time you like. Easy.)

Webinar 1


What to do in the 6 weeks before school starts

In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • what to do in the 6 weeks before your child starts school
  • super practical strategies to get your child ready for school
  • the emotional and social skills your child needs
  • essential academic skills and knowledge (and the stuff you don’t need to worry about)
  • the best language for you (as the adult) to use in the lead up to school
  • things to avoid (stuff that makes it harder for your child)
  • how to prepare for that very first day, that milestone, when your child officially starts school

Webinar 2


What to do in the first 6 weeks after school starts

In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • how to set your child up for a confident first day, week and month at school
  • essential social strategies needed for a great first day
  • how to help your child settle into a new routine
  • what stand-out parents do differently that helps their child settle more quickly
  • how to build a relationship with your child’s teacher (and why this is essential to your child’s success at school)
  • a step-by-step guide to the first day, week, month and term

Bonuses when you register:

  • Audio recordings of both webinar sessions
  • A copy of every slide used during the webinar sessions
  • Starting School Checklist (printable)
  • Starting School recommended reading list
  • Wall Chart: 100 Ways To Praise A Child

Special Parent Price

For Both Webinars!

Special Parent Price: $47.00 for BOTH WEBINARS (Plus all the bonuses)

The ‘live’ part of this webinar is now finished BUT you can still receive access to the recording and slides and you can experience the webinar wherever and whenever it suits YOU. So good!

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