So Youre A Beginning Teacher 2

So you’re a beginning teacher? You’ve started on this incredible journey of influencing and shaping young lives every single day. I am often asked ‘What should new teachers do to be successful?” I think there are some guiding principles that can really help you to be effective and to remain passionate. (You can check out the first 7 principles here).

Here are 7 more guiding principles to be a successful beginning teacher:

1. Be yourself

As a teacher, you are sometimes tempted to compare yourself with other teachers and to try to become exactly like them. You should always be willing to learn from other teachers, but you must remain true to yourself.

2. Choose a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude at all times is essential. Even in challenging circumstances, a good teacher will choose to adopt a positive and objective attitude. Adopt this attitude at the beginning of each day: I have a lot to offer today and I am going to make it enjoyable for myself and for my students.

3. Be diligent with all tasks given to you

As a classroom teacher, you will have many regular tasks to complete, such as marking and reporting. You will probably be asked to complete particular projects or be part of a committee. Make sure you show diligence in completing what has been asked of you and aim to complete it ahead of the due date.

4. Be a good example

Students are more affected by what you do rather than what you say. As a teacher, try to behave in accordance with the expectations you have of your students. Consistency between teaching and example is very important.

5. Be committed to continually learning and growing as a teacher

You need to see every day as an opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher. Dale Carnegie said, ‘Every person is my superior in some way.’ Adopt this attitude everywhere you teach. Every classroom, every teacher, every student, every teaching situation can add to your skills and experience.

6. Keep a reflective journal

As a teacher, you will learn a lot each day. The best way to reflect on and remember your experiences is to write them down. At the end of each day, write some down some things that you have learnt. You really can learn something new every day.

7. Understand that you can make a difference in just one day

You can have an incredible impact on your students in just one day of teaching. You will get from every day what you put into it. Your goal is not to ‘survive’. Your goal is to add value to the life of every student you teach and to finish the day feeling like you have done your best, learnt something new, and contributed to the life and learning of another person.

Which one of these 7 principles are you already really good at? Which one can you focus on this week to be even more effective as a new teacher?

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



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