Qualities of Memorable Teachers

I want to be a teacher who is remembered well.

I love asking teachers to think about a teacher they remember who had a positive influence on them. Time and time again, I see similar character qualities emerge. There are some qualities that make some teachers more memorable than others.

1. Memorable teachers have passion.

This is the most common theme I have noticed in talking to hundreds of teachers about their memorable teachers. There really is no substitute for passion. There is something incredibly magnetic and energizing about a teacher who 100% believes in what they’re teaching and who they’re teaching. (Lost your heart for teaching? Check this out).

2. Memorable teachers are authentic.

Teachers who know who they are and are true to themselves have a significant impact on the students they teach. Being true to YOU is essential to great teaching and to long-lasting impact. Authenticity is attractive.

3. Memorable teachers build relationships.

Teachers who take the time to connect with their students and build a healthy sense of rapport have greater impact. Invest the relational time into your students and show genuine care and concern for them.

4. Memorable teachers believe in their students.

The teacher who genuinely believes in their students is a teacher who will have significant influence in their lives. When somebody really, really believes in you, it creates a sense of belief in yourself. Be a teacher who does this.

5. Memorable teachers identify potential.

It was my Grade 6 teacher who identified in me a strength for public speaking and asked me to join the debating team. He encouraged me in my talent, and all these years later I’m still doing it! Public speaking is the bulk of my life. It was because my Year 6 teacher identified that potential in me and encouraged me to use it.

6. Memorable teachers are consistent.

Consistency is simply this: do what you say you are going to do, every time, without fail. Follow through on your words at all times. Be consistent and show your students that you mean what you say.

7. Memorable teachers provide appropriate challenges.

Great teachers know when to ‘stretch’ their students, and ‘push’ them just that little bit further. These teachers offer appropriate challenges to their students and provide a learning environment that allows for growth and development.

8. Memorable teachers have fun.

Memorable teachers enjoy their life and love their teaching. They really do enjoy the journey. They take time to stop and enjoy the moments. They have fun. They laugh at themselves and learn from their mistakes. Memorable teachers have fun.

So this week, my question to you is this:


Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



QUESTION: What was it about your memorable teacher that impacted you? You can leave your comments here.