Teachers change the world. Teachers make a difference. The influence of a teacher on just one student can and does change the world.

Recently, I was listening to a talk given by Ken Duncan, the renowned Australian photographer. He was speaking about his experience of becoming a successful photographer and the various influences along the way. I was captivated when he shared how his passion for photography first started. He said this, “It was my TEACHER who inspired me to become a photographer.”

Megan Dredge - My Teacher Made Me Do It

When Ken was young, his teacher encouraged him and helped him identify his passion and creativity, and showed him that photography was something that could characterise the rest of his life.

And by his own admission, his success all started with one of his teachers.

See, teachers DO change the world. And the way they do that is by influencing the lives of the students they teach. One student, one life at a time, it really is the power of one.

This week’s assignment:

This week, make it a simple goal to positively influence just one student. Just one. You can change the world by positively influencing just one student. Speak that word of encouragement, listen just that little bit longer, write that one positive comment – your influence can extend far beyond you and far beyond the students you teach.

Who knows, you may just be encouraging the next Ken Duncan.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.