Megan Dredge - Let Your Students Teach You

Late last year I was flying Continental Airlines from Virginia Beach to Norfolk in the USA. I noticed a billboard in the check-in lounge which read,

“What we learn from one customer helps us better serve all the others”.

What a great value to live by. Continental Airlines were boldly stating that they take an active and reflective attitude when dealing with customers and that they are always open to learning and growing from each customer experience.

This statement made me think about my classroom. Re-wording this statement for our educational context looks like this:

“What I learn from one student helps me better serve all the others.”

I like the sound of this. By using every interaction with a student as an opportunity to grow and learn as a teachers, I can more effectively help all future students. By adopting a reflective learn-from-every-student attitude, I increase my personal growth and effectiveness as a teacher. How exciting.

This week’s assignment:

Think about a particular interaction you’ve have with a student over the past week. Ask yourself some of these questions: what can I learn from this? How could I have behaved differently? What alternative path of action could I have taken? Did I genuinely value the student? Did I have adequate control of my emotions? Were my motives right? All these questions can help you to let your students teach you.

Let what you learn from one student help you to better serve all the others.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.