Recently at one of my seminars for teachers, a teacher said this amazing phrase:

“I love connecting my passion to my classroom”.

This particular teacher absolutely loves watching movies. And instead of separating her personal passion from what she does as a teacher, she allows it to be a part of the interaction she has with her students. This is a fabulous example to all of us – don’t separate who you are from how you teach. Students love getting to know you a bit and you set a great example for them to follow by having interests and passions that you pursue.

This week’s assignment:

When the opportunity arises, let your students have a little bit of insight into what you’re passionate about. Let it “leak out”. Share your favourite food/restaurant/holiday destination etc and let your students see a bit of the real you. Show them that adults can have interests and passions too.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.