6 Ways To Become More Humble

I love humble people. Those who are confident in themselves, who believe in others, who know how to really listen, and who are teachable enough to be willing to learn new things. Have you ever met a truly humble person. Humility is attractive. It’s magnetic. There’s just something about the truly humble person. (Perhaps your definition of humility needs refining – check out Part 1 of Humility Is Attractive here.)

Here’s 6 suggestions for becoming more humble.

1. Redefine humility.

A humble person is not ‘shy’ or ‘timid’ or ‘weak’. In fact, true humility is characterized by confidence, strength and authenticity. In order to be more humble, we need to understand exactly what true humility is. We must adopt a new and true definition of humility.

2. Adopt a learning attitude.

A humble person is teachable. They are constantly looking for ways to learn new things every day. They observe and learn from others and are curious rather than judgmental. A humble person sees every day and every interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow. Dale Carnegie put it this way: ‘Everyone is my superior in some way’. In other words, I can learn something from every single person.

3. Don’t confuse humility with inferiority.

A humble person does not feel inferior or ‘less than’ others. They don’t put themselves down or wish they were better than they are. A truly humble person is confident in their strengths, embraces their personality, and lives life authentically.

4. Don’t confuse confidence with superiority.

Humility means that I am confident in my strengths and abilities. However, when self confidence becomes about others (and me being better than them) then I have made the mistake of adopting a ‘superiority’ attitude. A humble person is confident. But their confidence in NOT in comparison to others.

5. Let the other person be ‘centre-stage’.

Give the ‘limelight’ away. Make your interactions about the other person. Let them stand centre stage and be the focus of the conversation. Resist the urge to comment about how you’ve done it bigger and better, and be humble enough to give the limelight to the other person. A humble person does not need to make it all about themselves because they are confident in who they are.

6. Be true to you.

Humility is characterized by authenticity. Be a person who is true to yourself. Don’t bend yourself out of shape to become like someone else. Be true to you. Judy Garland put it this way, ‘Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.’ Be confident in who you are.

This week’s assignment:

Simple: pick one of the suggestions above and try it this week. Humility is attractive. And not just for those around you but you’ll notice how much richer life is when you are confident in yourself and when you look to encourage the confidence in others.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



QUESTION: What do you like most about the humble people you know? You can leave your comments here.