How Podcasts Can Make Your Life Better

When I first heard about podcasts, I was hooked immediately. I couldn’t believe that I could access so much free and original content that would help me be a better teacher, entrepreneur, friend, wife, mother… the list goes on. I listen to podcasts almost every day (you know how committed I am to always learning something new) and I am constantly encouraged, challenged and inspired by what I hear and how it impacts makes my life better.

(You may be asking ‘What is a podcast?’ Well, basically a podcast is an audio file that is automatically streamed to your computer or smart phone or iPad that you can listen to at any time, any where. There are podcasts about absolutely everything. Think of something you’d like to learn about, and you’ll be able to find a podcast to match.)

Here’s 7 ways podcasts can make your life better:

1. Podcasts fuel and develop your passions.

There’s a podcast for everything. Yep, pick something you’d like to learn about or become better at, and you will be able to find a podcast about it. From real estate to dance to cooking to sport, there is a podcast for you. (And I’ve just released a brand new podcast, you can subscribe here).

2. Podcasts help you to ‘make time in time’.

I listen to all my podcasts whilst I’m doing something else – driving the car, cooking dinner, exercising, playing with my kids – I simply select the episode from my iPhone and have it playing in the background. This really is ‘making time in time’. We all want to get better at time management, and podcasts help us to get more out of the time we have.

3. Podcasts stimulate your thinking.

Listening to someone else’s thoughts and perspectives always helps me to develop and expand my own thoughts. Listening to a podcast makes me a better thinker. Many of my creative ideas are often sparked by something someone says in a podcast I am listening to.

4. Podcasts help you learn new things.

I want to keep my mind sharp and active. I’ve met too many stale people who lack life and haven’t learned anything new in a long time. Listening to a podcaster (the person who is talking in the podcast) share their expertise in their area of passion is always inspiring to me.

5. Podcasts help you get better at what you do.

I’m committed to improving my practice and improving what I do. A podcast helps me to do just that – listening to education podcasts makes me a better teacher; listening to parenting podcasts makes me a better Mum; listening to entrepreneurial podcasts helps me be more effective in my business. Podcasts help me sharpen my skills and hone my talents.

6. Podcasts help you have better conversations.

Listening to podcasts (and allowing my thinking to be challenged) gives me increased opportunities to have meaningful conversations with others. I regularly find myself talking with people about ‘a podcast I just listened to’ and sharing with them. (Michael Hyatt’s podcast ‘This Is Your Life’ is one of my favourites – I am constantly telling people about this one. Check it out.)

7. Podcasts keep you connected with other like-minded people.

Podcasts are produced in real-time, usually on a weekly basis. They are up-to-date and full of relevant information that can be immediately applied. They help you to stay up to date with what is happening in your field of expertise/interest, and provide opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded people.

This week’s assignment:

  1. Go to iTunes and search for a podcast and subscribe to it.
  2. Subscribe to my BRAND NEW podcast, ‘The Megan Dredge Podcast’. (Yes I’m a bit excited)

The Megan Dredge Podcast

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.



P.S. I’ve just launched a brand new weekly podcast, The Megan Dredge Podcast – you can subscribe here for free.

QUESTION: What are your favourite podcasts? You can leave your comments here.