Megan Dredge - Get To Know Your Colleagues

I was on the bus going to sport the other day and as all teachers know, bus trips can be noisy and stressful and tedious and boring all at the same time! Anyway, was sitting next to another staff member. We got chatting about school and life and actually had a quality conversation. It was so refreshing. Throughout the rest of the week, whenever I saw this particular staff member, my usual ‘hello’ in the corridor seemed to have so much more significance. Because we had spent those fifteen minutes on the bus chatting, we had a developed depth of rapport that previously was not there. It really changed the way we communicated from then on. And all because of a bus trip to sport!

As teachers, it is so easy to neglect our relationships with our fellow colleagues. We rush from one class to the next, from one student to the next, and often bypass the other teachers, just like us, who also are rushing through their day.

This week’s assignment:

Today, whether you are in the staff room, on playground duty, or on a school bus, I encourage you to have just one conversation with another member of staff. It just might be the encouragement you need to get you through the rest of your busy day. And if it doesn’t encourage you, it just might be the encouragement THEY need to get through THEIR busy day.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.