Megan Dredge - Get Off The Beaten Track

This morning I was out walking as I like to do most days. I came to a large grassed area and I noticed I was walking in the little track well-worn by other walkers. I naturally followed the little track, strewn with sticks and pebbles, even though there was soft green grass either side which would have been easier to walk on than an uneven rocky track. Yet still I found myself walking on the track.

I decided to do something different. I purposefully made a decision to step off the beaten track onto the soft grass and walk on that. Much easier. And much more enjoyable.

How often in our teaching do we go the way of the others before us, without
observing that there might be a far better way?

This week’s assignment:

Try something a little different, get off the beaten track. Look at what you regularly do and see if there’s a better way. It might be right alongside your ‘normal’ track yet it could be so much more effective and way more enjoyable. Perhaps you always start your classes in a particular way, perhaps you have a certain pattern of structuring your lessons, and perhaps you approach meetings in a pre-defined way. Think critically and see if there is a better way of doing things. It might just be one step to the right.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.