Megan Dredge - Focus On What Really Matters

Last week I learnt a valuable lesson – focus on what really matters.

I was having a Saturday night dinner party at my house and as per usual, I had everything meticulously planned. I had designed my menu, spoken to my chef friend to get her advice, ordered the meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. I had also written myself a big note to remind me to buy the bread fresh on the day and that the bakery I like to go to only takes cash. So I had to remember that I needed to have cash to pay for my bread. Well everything went to plan – food was delicious, fruit was fresh, and yes I remembered to have cash for the bread!

Monday morning arrived, after a great weekend, and I had this sudden realization: my driver’s license had expired! Not only had I forgotten the date but I had also forgotten to attend the interview to renew my license, which I had arranged the previous week! I was now driving around unlicensed!

It was a real reminder to me to focus on what is really important. I had allowed my dinner party to be the main thing I was thinking about, and as a result something that WAS really important had slipped past me.

How often do we do that in our classrooms? We get so focused something that relatively speaking is not as important, and we neglect to focus on what really matters.

This week’s assignment:

Take a moment to stop and think and assess what is taking your time and focus at the moment and ask yourself “Is this what REALLY matters?” If your answer means you need to change something, then do it! Don’t spend the next week “driving unlicensed” because you allowed something to steal your focus from the main game.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.





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