Megan Dredge - Facebook Twitter MSN and other Foreign Words

As I arrived at the classroom the other morning, I overheard two students talking to each other outside the room.

“Did you get my SMS last night?”
“Yeah, I got it.”
“Well I tried to talk to you on MSN too and you didn’t get back to me?”
“Why didn’t you Facebook or Twitter me? I’m always on that.”

This short conversation captured my attention. It reminded me that our students live in a technological world. These students’ conversation showed they are completely literate and efficient in using all kinds of technology. Just in that evening, not only were those two boys using their mobile phones and MSN on their computers, I’m sure they probably played on their X-box and listened to their iPod too! Many times in the classroom when my computer doesn’t work or I can’t get the sound on the interactive whiteboard to function, it will be one of the students who will effortlessly solve the problem.

As teachers, do we really have an understanding of the technological world in which we live? Do you incorporate various forms of technology into your classroom? Are you open to learning new things? Do you allow your students to teach you about technology? Do you have a Facebook and Twitter account? If not, you should try it! It is amazing what a teenager can teach you! And it’s amazing how these social media and technical platforms are a natural and normal part of our students’ everyday lives.

Be a teacher who is always learning, and who is genuinely interested in the world of their students. It is a technological world and the best way to reach students in this world, is to know a little bit about it yourself. So dive in and make a splash!

On that note, why not ‘Follow’ me on Twitter here or ‘Like’ my Facebook page here. Embrace technology and lead the way with your students (or like in my situation, let your students lead you in the way!)

Technology is all around us and it is not going away. Embrace it and be a leader. And let your students teach you all the tricks!

This week, enjoy your journey (albeit a technological one), and enjoy signing up to Twitter and Facebook,

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.