Megan Dredge - Ducks In A Row

I recently heard Marayke Jonkers, an Australian Paralympic swimmer and triathlete, speak about her journey and life experiences as part of the Olympic team. Her enthusiasm and energy were contagious. As a young and passionate athlete she has achieved much and her example is inspiring. One thing she said jumped out at me: “If we wait for perfect conditions, we will never act.”

This reminded me of myself and how much I actually like the conditions to be perfect before I act! I want all the ducks in a row, everything intricately and perfectly planned and THEN I’m ok with taking action. The problem with this is that perfect conditions are rare, if they ever appear at all.

I was suitably challenged by Marayke’s bold statement. I have spent enough time in the classroom to know that conditions are never perfect. There’s always something going on, interruptions occurring, students distracted, incidents and challenges… perfect conditions don’t exist in a school!

This week’s assignment:

There’s only one way forward – take action! Act! Try out that new classroom management strategy, explore that new piece of technology, talk to your boss about that pressing issue, raise the difficult topic with those parents – whatever it is, take action today. Do it!

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.