Mr Franco Onasti is the headmaster of The American Academy and we had a great time together (of course, as you can see, we had food there too! Only in Greece !!!)
Cyprus – the third largest Mediterranean Island.
Yota (on the right) is training to be a primary school teacher. It was so inspiring to hear her passion for training up the next generation of Greek kids. She truly is amazing!
I love the Greek passion for fresh food! I definitely ate too much of it!!
Of course I had to try a selection of Greek sweets! These are dipped in sugar and caramel and then air-dried and cut up for eating! Off to the gym tomorrow!!!!
Greek Gyros (in English we say Yeeros) was a must!
The white tower on the coast line, right in Thessaloniki. An important feature of the history of this area, and an amazing view from the top.
An Elderly lady begs on the side of the walkway in a popular tourist area, the old city of Nicosia.
I visited an international school called The American Academy. I gave them a gift from school students in Sydney, Australia.
The school appreciated the journals from students in Sydney.
I also gave some students’ journals to the head of the Junior School.
Yes all playgrounds are the same! You can see I am ducking from this basket ball!!! It is the same all over the world!c
Teaching a quick lesson on Australia. It has been a while since I had girls in my class.
The northern half of the island is occupied by the Turkish, and the southern half of the island is occupied by the Greeks. The border line runs right through the centre of the city of Nicosia.