Classroom Management Made Easy

How to engage your students, manage your classroom, and remain calm and confident.

The ‘live’ part of this webinar is now finished BUT you can still receive access to the recording and slides and you can experience the webinar wherever and whenever it suits YOU. So good!

By investing an hour of your time on this webinar you are choosing to more confidently manage every student and every class you teach from now on.

Becoming an effective classroom manager is something that everyone (yes everyone) can learn to do.To be an effective classroom manager all you need is a simple structure to follow (a structure that actually works).In this one-hour webinar Megan will show you a Classroom Management Model that you can use in any class, with any student, in any school.Yep, this Classroom Management Model will be the foundation for your classroom management.If you’re a new teacher, it will help you get established on the right foundations.

If you’ve been teaching for a while, it will help you take your classroom management to another level of confidence and personal satisfaction.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • how to find your own true classroom management style
  • how to organise your classroom to facilitate learning
  • the importance of classroom culture
  • management strategies that actually work (and can be immediately implemented)


  • 2 PD hours (one hour webinar + one hour optional reflection questions)
  • certificate of completion
  • audio recording of the live webinar
  • a copy of all the slides used in the webinar
  • reference to the specific National Teaching Standards covered by this webinar

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