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A Digital Resource to Dispel Your Fears, Sharpen Your Skills and Increase Your Students’ Learning.

All as a Result of Your Camera Confidence.




No One Taught You How to Speak in Front of a Camera.

And yet, here you are. You’re expected to teach your class, train your team, lead your meetings – all through the lens on your camera.

How can you be effective when you feel unsure, perhaps even overwhelmed, when a camera is in front of you?

The solution is Camera Confidence.

Feeling anxious in front of the camera is costing you. It’s time to become Camera Confident.

Camera Confidence Contains the 8 Essential Strategies for Speaking to and Through the Camera.

Megan Dredge has been teaching, speaking and training for the last two decades. As an online presenter and educator, she knows what it’s like to make the transition to teaching and speaking (and having meetings) in the online environment, through a camera lens (or that little green light on her computer!) She’s learned what works and what doesn’t.

Developed to help people like you, who find themselves with the responsibility and/or the opportunity to speak in front of a camera, Camera Confidence takes you through the 8 essential strategies you need.

Increase Your Confidence and Accelerate the Learning of Your Students

8 Essential Strategies

Easy to learn, even easier to apply.

Practical strategies you can use instantly

Acquiring new knowledge is a good start, but applying it is the key to change.

Learn anywhere

Access your digital resource anywhere, any time.

A practical, downloadable workbook

Make great notes and fuel your learning

Camera Confidence is for…

… And anyone who wants to increase their confidence and their influence when speaking to and through a camera.

How to Become Camera Confident


  • – The complete digital resource with 6 video sessions –
  • – Downloadable workbook –
  • – 8 essential (and super practical) strategies that can be immediately applied –
  • – Access anywhere –

About Megan Dredge

Megan Dredge

Megan is a passionate and inspiring presenter, who has spent two decades teaching in both the public and private education sectors. She knows what it’s like to teach, speak and present and how to pivot into doing that in the online environment. An environment that requires speaking to and through a camera.

She has authored four books, developed numerous resources for teachers, and most recently developed the education resources for the ABC’s sustainability series, Project Planet. Every month, as the Global Leadership Coach for Propel Women, she trains over 4000 leaders online, face to camera, in 84 nations.

Megan is a Facilitator for G.A.T.E.WAYS gifted and talented students programs nationwide and also for the GERRIC Gifted and Talented Program at the University of New South Wales.

Whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom or the marketplace, Megan is passionate about communicating for life change.

She’s been married to Rohan since 1997 and they have two beautiful children, Zarriah and Maddox.

Megan loves all things Italian; loves to read, travel and drink coffee; and would always choose the ‘room with a view’.


Will I receive anything in the mail?2020-05-17T10:39:18+10:00

No. This product is 100% digital. The great thing about a digital product is that you don’t have to pay postage and you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. You will get INSTANT ACCESS. You can begin your classroom Camera Confidence journey immediately.

What if I’m not a teacher but I’d like to develop my camera confidence? Should I get this resource?2020-05-17T10:39:44+10:00

Yes. You know why? Because the 8 Essential Strategies apply to anyone who speaks to and through a camera. And they cab be applied in many situations. Your next online meeting, your next social media video, your next team training.

Can I get my work to pay for this?2020-05-17T10:40:07+10:00

We will provide you with a Completion Certificate that you can show to your workplace for potential reimbursement.

What happens after I purchase Camera Confidence?2020-05-17T10:40:56+10:00

After you submit your order, you will be redirected to the Members Hub where you can access all of the audio content, download the workbook and access the bonus content.

How long will I have access to this program?2020-05-17T10:41:15+10:00

Forever. You will be able to access this at all times. If you are really concerned, you can download everything – every audio session, the workbook and the bonuses – directly to your local computer.

Can I read a sample of the workbook and listen to a sample of the audio?2020-05-17T10:41:39+10:00

Yes you can. Download a sample of the workbook and video here.

How long do the audio sessions go for?2020-05-17T10:41:59+10:00

Each audio session is approximately 30 minutes long.

Will I have access to everything straight away?2020-05-17T10:42:17+10:00

Yes. Shortly after submitting your order, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of how to access the full resource.

Can this contribute to my Professional Development Hours?2020-05-17T10:42:39+10:00

Most definitely. For Australian teachers, this audio course can directly contribute to your mandatory annual professional development hours.

Will you provide a formal certificate specifying the number of PD hours?2020-05-17T10:43:03+10:00

You will receive a pdf document outlining the estimated Professional Development hours (if you complete all the components – watching the video sessions and completing the workbook questions). This is simply a guide and you will have to specify the exact components that you complete in full.

What if I have more questions?2020-05-17T10:43:59+10:00

We are here to help you. Contact us now.

It’s Your Turn to Experience What It’s Like to Be Camera Confident.

Camera Confidence
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