Cambodian Teachers Conference – how exciting to teach teachers from all over the nation of Cambodia.
Cambodian streets; shops on wheels .
Anyone want to buy a bucket?
Megan with two girls starting their careers as teachers.
Megan with the class in the afternoon Maths workshops – count all the fingers you can see.
Teaching for life long impact – Megan’s keynote address.
A basket full of flowers, what a contrast to this landscape.
SALAMOM School, has about 200 students our conference was held here.
St Andrews students made gifts for each of the 7 schools represented at the conference.
We had the best week together – one of the workshops.
We need more room to learn afternoon workshops take to the floor.
English workshop – sentence writing.
Passionate, hope filled teachers of the next generation!!
The youngest member of our conference, 5 year old Sidonay – how cute is she!!!