Classroom Management Made Easy

I am constantly asked about classroom management.

“How do I manage that troublesome student?”

“How do I keep that class in control?”

“What do I do when it just gets too much?”

“What if I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work?”

Here are 5 things you must-do to keep a handle on the way you manage your class. (And this upcoming webinar will be super helpful too).

1. Keep calm. Always.
Your temperament significantly impacts student behaviour. The way YOU behave directly affects the way the students behave. A teacher who gets upset and uptight is inviting the exact same response from their students. You must choose to keep a calm attitude, even when it seems impossible to do so.

2. Have a plan.
Each time you walk into a class, you need to have a plan of what you want to achieve in that lesson. And you also need to know how YOU do classroom management. What is your system? What are your expectations of your students? How do you handle challenging behaviour. Spend some time developing your own classroom management plan – it will prevent a mountain of classroom management problems. (And if you haven’t yet figured out a plan for your own classroom management, then this webinar is a must-do.)

3. Treat students equally.
Every student deserves your full attention and every student deserves to be treated fairly. Sometimes it can be easy to treat the ‘naughty’ student differently to other students, however this usually exacerbates the underlying problem as the student who is misbehaving now feels they have to defend themselves because you have treated them differently (sometimes unfairly) to the other students.

4. Be consistent.
Consistency is the foundation to excellent classroom management. You must do what you say you are going to do, every time. Every single time without fail. Consistency is the way you will become an excellent classroom manager.

5. Speak kindly. Always.
Whether you are giving directions or correcting a student, speak kindly and calmly. Keeping your voice tone clear but kind will help students to focus on what you’re saying. No-one likes being spoken to in an unkind way, so don’t do it to your students.

These five must-do’s will help you development your classroom management skills

Enjoy the journey.

And more importantly, enjoy the moments.



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