Casual relief teachers are part of every school environment, and excellent casual teachers are hard to find. They are as rare as hen’s teeth… as the saying goes.

6 Qualities of Excellent Casual Relief Teachers

Being a substitute or supply teacher is one of the most exciting journeys and can also be incredibly rewarding.

Here are 6 of the most important qualities of Savvy Casual Teachers:

  1. Excellent casual relief teachers know they’re important.
  2. Excellent casual relief teachers have a positive attitude.
  3. Excellent casual relief teachers are willing to teach any grade/subject.
  4. Excellent casual relief teachers are punctual.
  5. Excellent casual relief teachers show respect to others.
  6. Excellent casual relief teachers reflect daily and learn new things.

Excellent casual teachers are always booked solid and always get invited back. Be one of them. (I have written extensively about casual teaching. Download your free book and workbook samples from my Casual Teacher Starter Pack.)

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