Consistency_Megan Dredge

Successful teachers understand the importance of being consistent in everything they do. Consistency is the ‘glue’ that holds everything together in our classrooms and with our students. Consistency is the secret to great classroom management, it gives every child the opportunity to succeed, and creates a supportive learning environment.

Here’s 3 ways you can be consistent:

1. Do what you say you are going to do.

A consistent teacher does what they say they are going to do every time. Every single time. Without fail. You must follow through and do exactly what you say. Don’t give a student a verbal instruction that you are not prepared to completely follow through on. Do what you say you are going to do EVERY time.

2. Plan and follow regular routines.

A big part of consistency in teaching is in your daily routines. Following a regular structure gives every student the opportunity to respond in the appropriate way. Have you planned and implemented how your students should enter and exit your classroom? How should they wait for you? What do they do when they have completed their work? How should they ask for help? How do you want them to move around the room? These questions all relate to the routines you have in place for your students. Be consistent and plan and follow regular routines. (I’ve written here about organizing your own routines as a teacher).

3. Be ‘predictable’ in your emotional responses.

The word ‘predictable’ is often seen as a negative word however when it comes to consistency, predictability is your best friend. Your students should come to expect your emotional responses. One of the quickest ways to undermine the stability in your classroom is to lack control over your own emotions as a teacher. When your emotions are kept in check, your students know what to expect of you. (Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Check out this post here).

This week’s assignment:

In what area do you need to be consistent? Your words? Your actions? Your emotions? Remember, successful teachers understand the importance of being consistent in everything they do.

Enjoy the journey,

And more importantly,

Enjoy the moments.